Enzyme Solutions is a U.S. based manufacturer of enzymes and enzyme products. All manufacturing, testing, formulation and packaging are conducted in its manufacturing plant, located in Northeast Indiana. It is our goal to have the best performing products on the market in each industry. Developing a growing and satisfied customer base is our number one marketing strategy.

In the competitive cleaning, deodorizing and bioremediation marketplace, Enzyme Solutions’ future is seemingly boundless. There are hundreds of applications for high quality enzyme formulations, and an equal amount of markets in need of products. Enzymes can be used to destroy organic matter and eliminate almost any odor. Enzymes make for superior cleaning agents for manufacturing facilities, restaurants, schools, industrial floors, commercial facilities, convenience stores, gas stations and in the home.  Our enzyme formulations are used to clean fabric, destroy grease on restaurant floor, unclog sewer lines, clean carpets, and bioremediation.

Enzyme Solutions also supplies several products to healthcare and to the commercial and industrial marketplaces. Applications range from cleaning surgical equipment to industrial degreasers, floor cleaners for the food industry, vehicle wash for large commercial fleets, and floor cleaners for the automotive repair industry, among several others. If it is organic and needs to be cleaned, ESI has the solution.

And now consumers can safely and thoroughly clean their home, inside and outside, with a complete line from Naturally Its Clean!

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