Enzyme Solutions has plant-based formulas for all your agriculture needs including odor mitigation (particularly ammonia), waste management, pests, cleaners and EPA registered disinfectants. We offer water remediation that’s safe for fish and plants that helps eliminate organic muck and control algae blooms.

Pest Control

EPA registered product to help eliminate pests in barns. Safe for litter, livestock, equipment and safer for workers.

Manure Remediation

Revolutionary biotechnology blend used to reduce solids and odors in hog barns. Eliminates crust and foaming.

* Distributed through PigTek


An EPA registered formula used as a universal sanitizer and disinfectant against animal diseases.

Heavy Duty Cleaner

Powerful enzyme formula for all cleaning needs in your barns and houses. Safe for use around plants, drains and livestock.

Pond and Lake

Plant based enzyme formula safe for fish and plants.  Breaks down organic solids to help algae and eliminate muck.

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