Food Service

Enzyme Solutions has a full line of cleaners for the food service industry including proprietary enzyme formulas for grease and oils on floors and in grease traps.  Give us a call to discuss your company’s specific chemical needs.

Enzyme Magic® 

Floor Cleaner

Multi-enzyme, pH neutral, non-corrosive formula destroys fats, oils, and grease that make restaurant floors unsafe.

Grease & Waste

Destroys food waste and eliminates odors and drain flies from drains, grease trap treatment and beverage towers.

Glass & Stainless Steel

Contains no harmful ammonia or alcohol.  Cleans surfaces without streaking.

Automatic Dishwasher

Effective over a broad range of water conditions for washers and rinsers.  Available in liquid & solid formulas

Pot & Pan Detergent

Non-corrosive formula for manual washing that cleans and deodorizes plates and all cookware.

Hand Sanitizers

Gel and alcohol formulations available that kills 99.999% of germs in just 15 seconds.

Carpet and Fabric

Enzyme formula for odor and stain removal, including difficult organic stains such as grease, coffee and wine.

All Purpose Cleaner

A pH neutral, non-corrosive formula that is safe for counters, fixtures, walls and equipment.

Hand Soap

Distinctive blend that thoroughly cleans skin, while leaving it soft and hydrated.  Foam for easy use and money savings.

Mold Formula

Proprietary pH neutral, non-corrosive, enzyme formula clears away mold stains.  For use on all surfaces.

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