Instrument Care

ESI currently supplies enzymatic detergents and skin care products to the healthcare industry through private label programs and partnerships with various distributors in the medical, dental, and veterinary markets. In addition to supplying enzymatic detergents to the medical industry, ESI also supplies various medical detergents as well as instrument lubricants and rust and stain removers.

Medical Products

Medical Enzyme Detergent

ESI’s Medical Enzyme Detergent is a multi enzyme detergent concentrate formulated to be especially effective in the removal of organic material such as blood, tissue, mucus, feces and other organic material found on instruments. Also available in a ready to use foam or gel spray.

Medical Enzyme Detergent Plus

Same features as Medical Enzyme Detergent PLUS TWICE the amount of enzymes by volume.

Medical Enzyme Detergent Super Concentrate

Same features as our regular detergent, but highly concentrated Super Concentrate requires only 1/8th to 1/4th ounce per gallon of water. Also available in Ultra Concentrate.

Whirlpool Cleaner

Concentrated multi enzyme low foam detergent for cleaning organic soils from jets and pipes in whirlpools, hot tubs and spas.

Instrument Lubricant

All natural corrosion inhibitor/lubricant. Concentrated to save money and extends the instruments life.

Low Foam Detergent

Concentrated neutral instrument cleaner with built in lubricant. pH Neutral and instrument safe.

Neutralizing Rinse

Mildly acidic, neutralizes alkaline residue and leaves no spots on instruments. Concentrated to save money.

Alkaline Detergent

A low foaming instrument cleaner that removes blood and bio-burden with built-in rust inhibitors.

Rust and Stain Remover

Highly concentrated solution removes rust and stains from metal surfaces.

Cart Wash

Designed for high pressure washers.  Contains non-foaming neutral pH cleaner and promotes spot free drying.

Cart Rinse

Highly concentrated cart rinse increases “Sheeting” action to reduce drying time. Manufactured for all cart washers.

Specialty Products

Corner Protectors

This uniquely designed reusable corner protector is the best option for sterile processing to help prevent rips and tears in sterilization wrap that covers surgical trays.

Adhesive Remover

Specially-formulated, ready-to-use product for the removal of ID tape and adhesive from medical equipment and apparatus.

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